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What to do for a 12 year olds birthday party?

My son is turning 12 soon. He wants some kind of party. Is he too old to go to Chucky Cheeses' video game place? If so what other things could him and his friends do together?What to do for a 12 year olds birthday party?
if he is a twelve year old, then he's probably in middle school..7th grade maybe?...yeah chucky cheeses is definetely out of the question. If you want something of the like, though, as in a place with fun things to do for boys, try a place like adventure landing or something like paintball that will be exciting and his age level. If you're looking for a less elaborate, costly plan, he go out a watch a movie with friends and have some ice cream? just some ideas...another fun idea is a pool party. Boys can use up their energy, and it's loads of fun. If you wanna do something at home, they could play capture the flag and have pizza and stuff...Good luck with the party! happy birthday to your son :DWhat to do for a 12 year olds birthday party?
laser tag, bowling, video games, karaoke, scavenger hunt....
Well i would like a party party. Im 13 and i would like to have one is my house or at a hall with like a dj and food and stuff. But if he is having a all boy party then like go to a arcade or go see a movie or bowling or just ask him what ever he liked or wants to do.What to do for a 12 year olds birthday party?
I don't know what time of the year your son's birthday is but we rented a big slip and slid for my grandson's birthday (6) and all the teens and adult males at the party LOVED it in f act all the daddies were planning on getting it for their boys born in the summer.鈥?/a>

thats a lot of ideas but i hope it helped my sister is turning 11 and that helped her alotWhat to do for a 12 year olds birthday party?
Take him to Medieval times place. They have one in kissimmee, Florida, Buena Park, California, Lyndhurst, New Jersey, Schaumburg, Illinois, Dallas, Texas, Toronto, Canada, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Baltimore/Washington D.C., and Atlanta, Georgia at Discover Mills.

For tickets and info go to

or call 1-888-we-joust

It is soooo cool there. They have a dinner and torment. Also a torture museum. It is cool trust me. I have went there before.
why is he too old for Chuck E Cheese??? they do not card a the restaurant. talk to the child and ask him what he wants -not Yahoo.
I had a Science Party for my son, and it was such a hit - I'm still hearing about it 7 months later! We did: baking soda and vinegar (volcanoes), cornstarch and water (goop), borax and school glue (goop 2), 2 kinds of invisible ink, and - the best part! - Diet Coke and Mentos. SO FUN! You can do an online search for kids' science experiments and get all kinds of great ideas, plus most of them are cheap! (The Diet Coke and Mentos was the most expensive because I got a 2-liter of DC for each kid.)

I gave each kid a cheap t-shirt to wear (the experiments are messy!) from and ironed-on "Top Secret: High Security Clearance," a pair of safety goggles ($1.00 each at, and I made up a security clearance badge for each child. We will definitely be having Science Parties for years to come!!!
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