Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Is there an age limit to go in the Tubes in Chucky Cheese ?

Ohk . This might sound a little retarded but next month im turning 13 . I was thinking . . . Why dont i have my birthday at where i had it when i was like 5 ? To bring back memories , you know . I wanted to know , is there an age limit or height limit in that tubes section ? I really want to go in there , lol .

%26amp; another question , Do you know anywhere Besides Chucky Cheese , Where to have my birthday party ? Fun places .

Thanks %26lt; 3|||I am not sure that there is an age limit, but I am sure there is a height limit. A big old Chucky Cheese guy with his arm outstretched and I sign saying... Can not be bigger than this sort of thing.

There are other places to have parties at. Do you have a Dave %26amp; Busters in your area? Amazing Pizza Machine is very cool with a go cart race track and roller coaster and other fun things, but I do not know if they are a nation wide company. Or some other place that does laser tag, mini golf, arcade games or something of the sort?

Well I hope this helps. Have a blast whatever you do. Happy early birthday by the way.|||I would try Lasertron at your age. And i would bet it differs by location but you might be cutting it close at 13 for the tubes....unless your like really short or something. It really depends on the location. Happy Birthday in a month!|||I dont really celebrate my birthday... so i dont know any places.

I am 12 ( thought i look like a 15-16 year old) and still play in the tubes at CC and dont get in trouble.

So you can give it a try. :)|||TumbleDrum|||I know Mcdonalds its 10 so im guessing it may be around that age limit

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